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1.Product Parameters:

Compatible platforms: iOS ANDROID
Brand: the JAWBONE
Model: up24
Function: step gauge calories diet smart reminder social entertainment sleep monitoring
Battery: 14 days long standby
Applicable people: men, women and children
Appearance of size: 15.5 M () in the yard to 18 mm;L (large) size 18 to 20 mm
Material: medical allergy TPE
Color classification: lemon Huang Zhong lemon yellow large pink medium pink large number Navy blue medium Navy blue large. Black medium black large Orange medium orange large In the red, Red is large.
Applicable objects: the android platform apple's iOS platform
Wireless distance: 10 m or more

2. Method of use:

1. The first use of bracelets might want to start charging.(silver cube is at the end of the bracelet button, on the other end of the silver rectangle has the word "Jawbone" can unplug charge.)When charging, button near there will be a small sun in the form of breathing light flash.When the small sun long fill light said.General 2 hours can be filled.
2. Download and install software "UP".Through apple's APP Store or android 91 assistant, peas, such as market, search the Jawbone, download blue icon UP software, install it.
3. The bracelet unlocked.The phone volume to maximum, and keep the cell phone can connect to the network, and then open the software, choose I brought a bracelet, to enter the next step, according to the prompt of ring, such as tip unlock success, will automatically jump to the next step.
4. Register for the first time.Sequential input name and surname, click next according to the prompt email (used to log in

The UP account password (used to log UP account password), then enter the information such as height and weight,
Then there will be a simple instructions, then can normal use UP.
Basic operation
Open/close l sleep patterns: long press the silver square button until the crescent icon lights up/out.
L open nap mode: press button twice, then long press the button until the crescent icon lights up.
L empty data: uniform press button for 10 times, the last time, until the sun icon is flashing, data is empty.
L other Settings can be in the UP software operation, and can be hand ring via bluetooth wireless synchronization.In the UP software system about sliding UP and down the operation, can be more personalized management under the orders of the interface and Settings.


3.The power supply and battery

32 mah lithium-ion polymer battery
Use the USB charging line, charging time is about 80 minutes
Sensors and interface
Bluetooth ® bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption
Three-axis accelerometer
Two monochrome leds and a vibration motor, can indicate the power supply, charging status, and the current state
Battery life: use the latest firmware for 14 days.



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